Another year has gone by and I’ve turned 32 this last weekend. It feels so nuts to say that, the year has flown by and here we are. Anyway, this past weekend, I had a party at home, a late morning brunch with my immediate family followed by a forest walk.

I opted for a build-your-own bagel bar, it’s a perfect way to serve something for everyone whether they want something savory or something sweet. It was easy for me to throw together, but I think attention to detail is still really important because I wanted my family to feel comfortable and taking care off.

I decided to incorporate the forest walk and the autumn season by decorating my buffet table with a printed white disposable tablecloth with autumn leaves and pinecones. It adds an extra layer to the table, and gives the “wow factor” every time.

I’ve set up the bagel buffet on a side table with simple white dishes, so that the colorful food could really be the focal point. I used two 3-tier white etagere to serve the different toppings for the bagels and apple strudel on. I plated the different kinds of cream cheese on a cute white tray and I used two silver cake stands to serve the yoghurt breakfast parfait and banana chocolate chip muffins on. I displayed the different kind of bagels in a wooden basket and the oven baked bread on a piece of wood for a rustic feel and to tie in the forest walk and the autumn season.

To wash it all down, I’ve set up a mini drinks station with fresh orange juice and strawberry juice with champagne glasses just to add a little bit of luxury.

Fill your bagel bar with both savory and sweet toppings, including a few quick stir-together cream cheese toppers. As some of you may know both of my sisters are vegan, that’s why our spread was totally vegan. Toppings like thinly sliced fresh fruits and veggies, capers, jams and fresh herbs will help each guest build their ideal bagel. Purchasing a tub of original cream cheese and create your very own flavorful spreads by adding your own ingredients.

Try one of my cream cheeses creations:

  • Garlic and chive: cream cheese, snipped fresh chives, garlic, pepper and salt
  • Sun-Dried Tomato: cream cheese, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, chopped basil, pepper and salt
  • Berry and cinnamon: Cream cheese, finely chopped berries, honey, and cinnamon

Beside the bagels and the toppings, I decided to add a couple of bits, like homemade yoghurt breakfast parfait and banana chocolate chip muffins. I’ve shared exactly how I made both of them on my website. And just to make it a bit easier on myself I bought apple strudel and oven baked bread.

I hope this breakdown of my build-your-own bagel bar has inspired you to make one yourself. I can’t wait to see how you style your table! Be sure to tag me (#thesecretofbeingme) in your bagel bar pictures on Instagram.

With love,