At the end of June, we celebrated my little sister’s birthday, and I couldn’t have had more fun doing it! Her Hawaiian themed birthday party was inspired by her childhood favourite movie Lilo and Stitch and a more recent movie Moana (also known as Vaiana). To create a tropical chic design, I incorporated a tropical leaf pattern in with the colours white, pink, orange and a little bit of gold.

I tried to keep the cost down as much as possible. So, we (Sander and I) blew up countless balloons and assembled the balloon arch ourselves. I also bought tropical palm leaves to incorporate into the arch at the Action and Zeeman (they are discount variety stores in the Netherlands similar to the dollar tree or poundland).

How to Make a Balloon Arch in 5 steps:

  1. Blow up the balloons. 

    You’ll need around 100 balloons. To give your arch variety, blow your balloons up at different sizes. 
    Tip: Blow up some extra balloons for filling in the spaces of the arch once you put it up.

  2. Create balloon pairs.

    Tie two balloon ends together so you’ll have a lot of balloon pairs. You should also consider the colour palette you’re working with and how you’ll vary each balloon colour when assembling.

  3. Assembling your arch.

    To start creating your arch, you’ll take one balloon and tie the end of your ribbon to the balloon. Then you’ll take one pair of balloons and string it on the ribbon and push it down towards the end of your ribbon and starter balloon, so that all the three ends are together. Wrap the ribbon around the pair of balloons, in a figure eight style, this will attach the balloons together. Once threaded and secured, slide each of the next pair of balloons all the way down the line one at a time. Repeat this step until your garland is as long as you’d like it to be

  4. Cut the end of the ribbon.

    Be sure that you tie a knot at the end of the ribbon after cutting it so that your balloons stay put.
    Tip: Double check that your balloon arch is going to be the right size before cutting the fishing line

  5. It’s time to put your arch up.

    Make sure you secure your arch at several points and in the shape, you wish your arch to have.
    Tip: You could finish off your balloon arch with some optional foliage and fresh flowers.

I also found a banner with gold glitter saying Happy Birthday at the HEMA. I hung pink pom poms from the chandelier above the dining table, to add an extra layer. The guests were welcomed with a Lei, a traditional Hawaiian floral wreath, this attention to detail will be loved by your guests.

For the table setting, I found a table runner with tropical leaves on it at the Action. I also got a white disposable tablecloth to brighten up the room. I went with simple white plates with a golden rim from my mom and I also used palm leaves as underplates from the Action. Then we used bamboo utensils to complement the theme.

I designed the dinner menu myself, simply printed them out and topped the plates with them.

Onto the most important part of the party, the food and drinks. The party started with lunch. For the lunch menu, I made vegan sweet Hawaiian rolls with vegan cheese and ham. My other sister made Moana rice krispie treats and Sander was in charge of drinks. He made a pineapple, mango mocktail with lime and mint.

For dinner I served vegan poké bowl with watermelon tuna, Hawaiian salad served in a pineapple and vegan huli huli cauliflower bites as a side dish. Dessert was Hawaiian shaved ice, it’s an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice topped with syrup.

The birthday cake was made by my sister, it was a beachy scene from Lilo and Stitch with Stitch on top. She always makes the prettiest and yummiest cakes.

The finished party was so fun and cute. I hope that this post gave you some birthday party ideas and decor inspiration.

With love,