I can’t believe my little baby girl is almost 3 months old. She’s growing so much and the weeks have flown past. But we’re getting into a routine and we’ve learned what she likes.

So, it seemed like a good time to share with you what my favourite baby products were during the first weeks with my little one. And I don’t mean the standard things that are on every list, but the extras that made our lives a little easier in the beginning and I hope this will make your lives a little bit easier too.

DockAtot (Sleepyhead)

Isha loves her DockAtot and so do we. We literally used her DockAtot every single day all throughout the day. It’s the perfect spot to put her in when I need to get something done around the house when she’s not napping (we have an open floor plan so she’s never unattended). During the day she will even take naps in it. Don’t worry whenever she naps in it we’re in the room and we’re in sight of her to ensure it’s a safe sleeping environment. We even take it with us if we venture outside our home. It’s a safe, cosy and restful environment for her and it mimics the womb.

Artipoppe zeitgeist baby carrier

From the moment I started using this baby carrier, I fell in love! I’m so impressed with how easy it is to use and how comfortable it is. Before Isha was born we researched every brand on which baby carrier to use. We bought a baby carrier but when we started to use it, it became clear that it didn’t work as well for me. It wasn’t comfortable and I couldn’t be adjusted enough to fit me. But as soon as I tried the Artipoppe zeitgeist baby carrier I never looked back! It’s comfortable, durable and designed for wearing both on your front and back. The padded shoulder straps, waistband and neck cushion are easily adjustable for a personalized fit, plus it looks super fashionable.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee range

We love Burt’s Bees Baby Bee range. Its plant based, tear-free and smells like honey. I swear by this stuff! It’s super gentle on Isha’s delicate skin and smells amazing.

Our favourite products are:

NoseFrida the snotsucker

While not the cutest of baby products it is a real game changer. The NoseFrida sucks out mucus that’s plugging up your new-born baby’s nose so she can breathe easier. At first, we tried it with a bulb aspirator but it didn’t work as well. That’s when I remembered one of the ‘must-have’ products all over the internet. The NoseFrida instantly became an invaluable tool for us and it was way more effective than a bulb syringe.

Into the Forest Tiny Dreamer 3-in-1 Musical Projector

This cute device is a great tool to get our little one straight to sleep. It’s a sound machine, nightlight and starlight projector in one. It has different white noise soundtracks and even a mp3 option that helps Isha have a better sleep without being woken up by outside noises. The brightness of the nightlight is adjustable, so we can turn the brightness down at night. Plus, it’s a take-along lantern so we can actually bring it with us when we travel.

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

The Nanit smart baby monitor is the best purchase we’ve made. This monitor tracks your babies sleep, breathing motion, and moments worth saving. It even has a personal sleep coach, Nanit tracks and analyses your baby’s unique sleep patterns, providing personal sleep tips. We can check on Isha through the Nanit app on our phone or tablet and it’s easy to take along when we’re traveling with the multi-stand. At night Isha sleeps in her bassinet but in the mornings, she sleeps in her crib in her room and during the day she takes naps in the living room and we can keep an eye on her with Nanit where ever she sleeps. Which gives us the peace of mind that she’s safe and breathing, a total sanity saver for new parents.

Baby tracker App

This app is my favourite way to keep track of Isha’s routine. The moment you get home with your little one it’s important to start tracking your new-borns feedings and diaper contents. And yes, with “diaper contents,” I mean what’s in that diaper: When do you see pee or poop? What does that poop look like? When does she sleep and for how long? The baby tracker app is a perfect way to track babies sleep, feeding time and diaper changes. Plus, it’s free.