As much as I love hosting & entertaining, it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. But birthdays are always a good reason to go all out. So, for my 31st birthday I hosted my very own witches tea party.

Almost every decoration I used was store bought, don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself. To make my dining table look the part, I first covered it with a white disposable tablecloth and on top of it I placed a lace spider web tablecloth. For the table setting I used my own white dinner and dessert plates, my silverware and white tiered serving plates. I incorporated the witches theme by using witches stocking coloured paper water cups and little witches hats on top of the plates.
Tip: make sure the table doesn’t get to cluttered.

To add height, I used orange and black pom poms, witches’ hats and homemade glitter autumn leaves on the ceiling. By hanging decoration from the ceiling adds an extra layer to the table, and gives the room and your table a “wow factor” every time.

The recipes I used for this gathering were all vegan, because both my sisters are vegan. I made scones, vanilla cupcakes with a witches’ hat on top, brownies, finger sandwiches and mini mushroom ragout tarts. My sister made pumpkin cookies and my witches birthday cake.
Tip: when hosting a party, use recipes you know.

Of course, we served “witch’s brew” instead of tea. I decided to make this an interactive experience by letting the guests brew their own “witch’s brew”. I filled test tubes with different teas, herbs, and spices and labelled them. During the witches tea party they could create their own brews by mixing the different teas, herbs, and spices. To help them along I printed out some recipes for magical brews and burned the edges of the recipes to incorporate the theme.

Here are a few of my favourite recipes for your own magical brews:

Lemony fresh tea blend:

Peppermint leaves
Optional additions: Lemon verbena

Hibiscus herbal tea blend:

Hibiscus flower
Rose hips
Peppermint leaves
Lemon verbena

Soothing mint tea blend:

Lavender buds
Chamomile blossoms
Peppermint leaves
Optional additions: Green tea

Rosy tea blend:

2 parts Rose petals
1 part black tea

I always think it’s fun to send my guests home with a small party favour. I bought little jars and labelled them with a personalized label, Pretima’s witches brew. They could fill up their jar with their favourite brew and take it home with them.

So that was my 31st witches tea party in a nutshell and I hope you enjoyed it.

With love,